About Peter Halley

One Day Course (Singing Bowls & Tingshaw)

During this course you shall experience the effects of both the Singing Bowls and Tingshaw {the wee cymbals}. Awaken to new levels of sensitivity within yourself. Learn simple techniques to enhance awareness of all aspects of being, mindfullness, allowing the possibility of developing self help methods. How to move stuck/stagnant energy in your enviornment, give simple sound therapy treatments for relaxation and for healing.

  • How to play a singing bowl
  • Chakra cleansing / balancing / harmonising
  • Basic meditation

You will learn specific sequences for: Relaxation, Chakra Balancing, Alignment, Harmonisation and Clearing, for self help and clearing any attached energies after giving therapy to clients. Use of the Singing Bowl as a Diagnostic tool. Singing Bowl Therapy can assist in the treatment of conditions such as depression, arthritis and high blood pressure.

This course is open to anyone wishing to learn a wee bit more about Singing Bowls and Tingshaw, including those holding recognised and accredited qualifications in healing in all disciplines of energy and physical therapies.

Available at various times and locations throughout the year, please check my events page for the next workshop near you.