Here are a selection of testimonials that I have received from my clients.

This is how I’d describe Peter’s Singing Bowl Experience.

with your heart, see with your soul,
be guided by a hand you cannot hold,
trust even if you cannot see. That’s how faith must be.
Sometimes the things we can’t change,
end up changing us instead.

In a word, she also described her own experience as – Bliss!

– Jan D Young, Glasgow
Stephanie: A first time experience of a Soundbath.

Just took part in a mind blowing Singing Bowl session. Talk about the power of vibrational energy! Thank you very much Peter for your expert bowlness and Jacq Munro for encouraging me to go.

– Stephanie
Heather first attended a free talk in Dundee

In November 2011 I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma - a type of blood cancer. My lymph nodes were enlarged and the B-cell (part of your immune system) count in my blood was raised significantly.

Not the best Christmas present!!

In the New Year, after lots of tests, they decided that I didn't need immediate treatment but to be monitored frequently. I had already made lifestyle changes such as learning & practising Transcendental Meditation, becoming vegetarian a few years earlier but I was always ready to try new things. However, things continued to deteriorate and they had started to talk about giving me radiotherapy treatment for my cancer.

Then, late in 2012, I went along to a Singing Bowls presentation by Peter at the Dundee Theosophical Society. THAT EVENING CHANGED MY LIFE!!! When Peter was making the bowls sing, I could feel the lymph nodes deep within my body heating up, a powerful healing energy wash over me head to toe & felt an intense spiritual connection to the universe. The bowls also look beautiful.... lol

I knew I had to have one and Peter was very patient while I took the time to find the bowl that was just right for me - he reserved it for me and posted it to me promptly once I had paid (great service).

Since that time, I have tried to go along to as many Singing Bowls sessions as I possibly can. I have had so much beautiful, healing energy given to me - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. From that first time I heard the Singing Bowls, I started to make slow steady progress in my battle with my cancer - so much so that in December 2013 my lymph nodes were judged by the medics to be back to normal size and my B-cell count almost back to normal too. (I use my own one each day).

So three cheers for the Singing Bowls........

– Heather G. (14.1.14)
Lauren Roberton - Psychic Medium & Angel Therapist

Hi Peter,

Just a quick note to say 'thank you' for the amazing experience I had at one of your singing bowl 'sound bath' events.

I was unsure what to expect as I had never experienced the singing bowls before. When I closed my eyes, and you began playing the bowls, I felt a shift in my energy immediately. I felt that the vibrations from the various bowls were 'fine tuning' a different part of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. I very much enjoyed the meditative state that the bowls created for me. Time flew by and when I opened my eyes, I felt I had benefitted greatly from the experience.

I am a psychic medium, and at the event in question, I was demonstrating directly after your performance with the bowls. What surprised me most about my experience is that when I got up to demonstrate mediumship, I felt the spirit world and the individuals who wished to communicate, more clearly than I have ever done. Your singing bowl meditation seemed to raise my vibration, allowing me to feel very close to people in Spirit. It assisted me greatly with passing on meaningful and loving messages, and for that I am very grateful.

I am now the proud owner of one of your singing bowls, which I use to attune myself before beginning any spiritual work. The singing bowls have become a very important part of my spiritual understanding - thanks to your knowledge and proficiency with them. So my heartfelt gratitude to you again, Peter.
Kindest Wishes,

– Lauren Robertson - Psychic Medium and Angel Therapist.
Article from a column for a recent talk/demonstration.

Residents can learn more about the power of Tibetan singing bowls during a unique talk in Helensburgh.

Peter Halley aims to deliver change-inducing experiences by using the vibrations of the bowls to clear blockages in the bodies’ energy fields and release obstacles to health and healing.

The therapy specialist will be delivering a workshop for the Recovery and Renewal group at Braeholm on Monday, March 31, 4pm-6pm, where he will demonstrate the powers of the unique object.

The sound made by the bowls is said to be captivating and calming, and the bowls are frequently used as a meditation aid.

Peter, who travels the country teaching workshops, said: “Everybody has a different experience. They can expect it to be relaxing and they may experience sensations in their bodies or see colours and even have an out of body experience.

“We all have a physical body and an energy body and whatever is in your physical body is usually a mirror image of your energy body.

“So if you have a blockage with your energy body it will manifest itself as an illness. The vibrations help clear the energy body so the energy flows as it should.”

– Jenny Foulds, Lennox Herald (21/3/14)