Peter Halley, the Singing Bowl Shaman delivers change-inducing experiences by playing Himalayan Singing Bowls.

The healing vibrations of these amazing Bowls break up congealed and stuck energetic blocks within the Auric field to enable new possibilities for living life on purpose.

Singing Bowls & Resonance Therapy

Resonance Therapy is a relaxing holistic treatment, creating a deeply nurturing environment for the client using the vibration & sound of the Singing Bowls. The vibrations of Singing Bowls can clear blockages in the bodies’ energy fields and release obstacles to health and healing.

In addition, within a Resonance session, the client may receive some channelled material, crystal healing and colour based visualisation.

Peter also accompanies Yoga instructors playing the singing bowls which enhances the overall experience of the class.

Peter has worked with Spiritual Groups and Mediums for some time and with the bowls can set prime conditions allowing a richer experience with Spirit.

He also has several years experience working with Community Projects. Providing rejuvinating and relaxing days out for Mental Health, Womens' and Youth Groups, with accompanying staff.