Singing Bowl Workshops

Peter Halley runs Singing Bowl Workshops from 2 hour intro experiences to full day courses. Visit our events page to a find a workshop near you. More >

Healing Soundbaths

A Sound Bath is an experience of sound and vibration. Private or Group Sound Baths are available for your next event, retreat, or workshop. More >

Chakra Balancing

Peter Halley's Chakra balancing and harmonisation workshops will help you to get in touch with your energy centres to feel healthier & happier. More >

What my customers say:
  • I was unsure what to expect as I had never experienced the singing bowls before. When I closed my eyes, and you began playing the bowls, I felt a shift in my energy immediately. –Lauren Robertson

  • I went along to a Singing Bowls presentation by Peter at the Dundee Theosophical Society. THAT EVENING CHANGED MY LIFE!!! When Peter was making the bowls sing, I could feel the lymph nodes deep within my body heating up, a powerful healing energy wash over me head to toe & felt an intense spiritual connection to the universe.–Heather G.

  • Just took part in a mind blowing Singing Bowl session. Talk about the power of vibrational energy! Thank you very much Peter for your expert bowlness and Jacq Munro for encouraging me to go.–Stephanie